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Orange Toyota, Serving the Local Community

West Orange Motors has operated in its current location since 1974 when it was acquired by the current owner. It has since become a multi franchise motor dealer.

Established over 40 years ago and has now operated in current situation with current management for the past 37 years. The dealership enjoys high recognition and a reputation as benchmark in the industry in our area.

The company is becoming increasingly involved in charitable and community programs supporting schools, public and private, health programs and sporting clubs. These endeavours are managed by in house charitable courses committee and are outside productive advertising budgets.

Facilities will be maintained and updated as and when indicated by the efficiency of their operation. All safety issues will be immediately addressed and remedial action taken at first available opportunity to ensure compliance with all statutes and regulations.

Management are committed to provide to our franchisers results which exceed targets and objectives as set from time to time, and to present their products in the most professional, and saleable manner and by adherence to all quality, safety and prudential business practices, provide our employees and customers with on going growth required to ensure maintenance of quality products and services into the future.

Orange Toyota is located at 32 Forbes Road, Orange NSW 2800.  If you would like to call us please do on 02 6362 2988.

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